Hearing devices that are purchased over-the-counter or through the internet without the consultation of a hearing healthcare professional may result in the devices not being accurately customized to the specific hearing needs of the individual.  In addition, hearing loss may be the symptom of a serious underlying medical problem.  For this reason, all 50 states require consumers to use a credentialed hearing care professional to purchase hearing aids.

Sergei Kochkin of the not-for-profit organization Better Hearing Institute adds that today’s hearing aid fitting process requires a complete in-person hearing assessment in a sound booth, and the training and skills of a credentialed hearing health care professional in order to prescriptively fit hearing aids. He also advises that an in-person follow-up and counseling with a hearing professional is also necessary to a proper fitting. “This is not possible when consumers purchase one-size-fits-all hearing aids over the Internet or elsewhere”.

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