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We offer no/low interest financing for those who qualify. Additionally, we now offer hearing aid leasing plans that allow for regular hearing aid upgrades. Please contact us for details.

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We accept many insurance plans. Please call us if you have any questions regarding your particular policy. We are happy to research the details of your hearing aid benefit.

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Hearing Aid Cost

We get a lot of question about the cost of hearing aids.  We find however that most clients are really interested in value. 

If you shop around and manage to shave off 5-10% but never had a chance to sample various models before purchasing hearing aids, get a shorter warranty, and only receive 50% of the services that your hearing and hearing aids require during that warranty, then did you really get a good bargain? 

Also consider how accessible your hearing provider is.  Hearing aids are tiny computers which sit in a hot, humid, waxy environment.  There will be occasional problems.  But a lot of hearing providers are either high traffic ENT clinics which may schedule you two weeks out for a routine hearing aid cleaning, or they are a small office with a hearing professional that is only on site two days a week. 

Our providers are on site every day Monday thru Friday, and you can literally park six feet from our front door. 

We are very competitive with pricing, but most of all we believe we offer the best value you will find.

Additional Notes Regarding Hearing Aid Cost

Hearing aids are medical devices which are designed to last roughly five years. Similar to dental care, the products and services are typically not covered by major insurance groups. They require ongoing maintenance, ongoing specialized training of the licensed professional, diagnostic equipment, annual calibrations of the equipment, and professional liability insurance just like other medical fields.

But what do hearing aids really do?

Most hearing losses are related to damaged peripheral nerves in the cochlea we refer to as hair cells. Hearing professionals for the most part are programming audio prosthetics to optimize what remains of a damaged peripheral nervous system.

To put this into perspective, imagine having damaged rods and cones in your eyes and you needed a visual prosthetic to enhance light safely and effectively such that you can see colors and the contrast between light and dark again. To put it bluntly, there is much more going on than two little hearing aids.

We feel paying gradually is important — it makes hearing care more accessible just like basic items you pay for every day.

Most people spend more money on everyday items over a five year term than they ever would on rehabilitating their gift of hearing.

Some examples are restaurants, cable TV, internet service, cell phone service, a daily three dollar cup of coffee, and the list goes on. So the real problem isn’t so much the cost of hearing aids and related care, but rather that often times the cost is all bundled together as one lump sum.

To illustrate, imagine paying AT&T thousands of dollars for a cell phone and the promise of phone service for five years. If this were the case, most people would probably not have a cell phone.

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