Finding the right hearing aids is a bit like finding the right pair of running shoes. Although a friend might recommend a certain brand or model of shoe, you might find that it doesn’t work very well for you. Even if you wear the same size, the running shoe that works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another. Hearing aids are very similar; the fitting is completely personal.

A review of a particular brand or model of hearing aid may not be useful because two people may have the same hearing loss but different preferences for a hearing aid. A better way to find a suitable hearing aid for you is to directly compare different pairs of hearing aids. Ask your hearing health professional for a demonstration of a couple of different brands.

Hearing aid comfort is related to both physical and acoustic qualities. Demonstration hearing aids will not be custom-fit for your ear canal, but they can be programmed for your hearing loss. It will usually only takes a few minutes for the hearing care professional to hook the hearing aids to the computer and program them for you to try. They may even do this before you arrive for your hearing aid consultation appointment. If it’s your first pair of hearing aids, it may be difficult to figure out how to distinguish between the options. Everything will sound louder and you’ll be hearing things that you haven’t heard in awhile.

Patient satisfaction with hearing aids is related to the quality of the hearing healthcare experience.

Look for a professional in your area who will listen carefully to your needs, preferences and previous experience so that they can help you find the best hearing solution for you. If you don’t have a friend that can provide a personal recommendation, online consumer reviews can help you compare the clinics in your area.

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