How is a consumer to know which cell phones work best with their hearing aids? The terminology and rating system of hearing aids and cell phones can be a bit confusing. Hopefully this article will help to clarify the issue. I make no promises though.
Hearing aids and cell phones have an “M” and a “T” rating. The M rating represents the microphone interference potential, and the T rating represents the telecoil coupling capability. Without getting too technical, a telecoil is basically a part in many hearing aids that allows them to switch to a phone mode when a telephone comes near.
The M rating can be M1, M2, M3, or M4 with M1 being the least compatible and an M4 being the most. Likewise a T1 rating is the least telecoil coupling compatibility rating and a T4 the most. The rule of thumb is you add the M ratings of the cell phone and the hearing aids together. Similarly, you add the T ratings of the cell phone and the hearing aids together. In general, if the sum of the M and T ratings is M5 and T5 or better, then you have a good likelihood of success.
Now you are probably asking, “How in the world would I know the M and T ratings of my hearing aids.” In short, we can help with that. In addition, you can call, write, or visit our blog to obtain a list of over 100 known cell phones which have the highest compatibility ratings available along with a guide on how to buy a cell phone when you have a hearing loss.