ZPower, the first developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc batteries for hearing aids, will lead a presentation at the upcoming Florida Academy of Audiology (FLAA) Convention Friday August 7th.  The presentation will be led by Dr. Barry A. Freeman, Vice President of Business Development for ZPower.  Once this technology is made available to the market, it will allow our office to convert many new and existing hearing aids making them rechargeable.

Following the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Fortune Magazine concluded, “the top technology need on the mind of most Americans is better batteries.”  Not surprisingly, hearing impaired consumers also want better battery technology for their hearing aids.  Currently, hearing aids are powered by single-use, non-recyclable zinc-air batteries. An estimated 1.5 billion of these batteries are dropped into landfills annually and this number is growing at approximately 7% per year.

“Disposable hearing aid batteries are used by people with varying levels of dexterity, often run out of power in the middle of the day, and can require frequent changing,” explained Dr. Freeman. “In contrast, the ZPower Rechargeable System offers 24+ hours of continuous power each day, charges overnight, takes the place of an estimated 100 disposable batteries, and lasts a full year. The battery is replaced once per year by a hearing care professional so the patient need never touch a hearing aid battery again.” Additionally, the silver-zinc rechargeable batteries are fully recyclable and don’t contribute to the waste stream.

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