Flexible Repairs

With our experience and wide variety of products to offer, we are confident we can repair just about any hearing aid and we have access to many different software programs to make fine tune acoustic adjustments. If we dont have the part in house, we can get it.

Hearing Instrument Repairs

Cost for Hearing Aid Repair

Often hearing aids are in warranty with us, so the repairs are free. If the hearing instrument is out of warranty then price can be as little as $15 and can go up from their depending on the extent of the repair.

Patient Reviews

Very helpful and pleasant.

Shirley F. – Moberly, MO 65270

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Services in House

Our experience and equipment allows us to repair roughly 80% of all hearing aids in our office. Repairs handled in house include:
  • shell modifications
  • programming adjustments
  • cleanings
  • new parts such as new tubing, battery doors etc.

Repair Turn Around

In office hearing instrument repairs often take less than 15 minutes depending on the extent of the problem. Longer repairs may take a couple of hours but can normally be taken care of same day. If we have to send a hearing aid out for repair, then repair time can take as little as 5-7 business days. If the repair is not serviceable in house we may be able to provide a loan hearing instrument while yours is sent off for repair.