TV and Phone Amplification
The End of Squeal!

Attractive & Discrete

Many sufferers of hearing loss are hesitant to wear hearing instruments because the hearing aids of the past were often bulky and ugly. Fortunately manufactures realized the short comings of their products and have made significant advances in size and cosmetics. Many hearing aids are barely noticeable while still being able to fit server hearing losses.

TV and Phone Amplification

We are constantly finding new solutions. Several manufacturers now provide wireless solutions for television and phones allowing sounds to be amplified for the client's specific prescriptive needs. Currently we are experimenting with wireless solutions for the TV, landline phones and even cellular phones that will work with any hearing aid with a basic induction coil telephone program allowing the wearer to hear phone conversations in both ears. Listening to a conversation with both ears significantly increases speech understanding. These wireless solutions are also great for those who can not get to the phone or TV conveniently or just want to look high tech.

The End of the Squeal!

Several manufacturers such as Starkey, Phonak, ReSound, and Siemens all claim to have the best feedback cancellation systems on the market today. We offer all of these brands and all are excellent. Feedback is virtually a thing of the past, even for severe to profound hearing losses.

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