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Retrofit wireless amplifiers

Retrofit existing hearing aids for direct wireless connection.

Wireless headset systems

Wireless headset systems

custom ear plugs

Custom ear plugs

Added Amplification & Understanding

Depending upon the extent of the hearing loss, hearing aids may not be enough which is apparent when the wearer says they can hear but still not quite understand. This may be the case when there is noise in the room, while trying to listen to the TV, radio, or even the telephone. Wireless transmission directly to both hearing aids has shown to increase clarity by decreasing the distance sound has to travel from the sound source to the listener, and as the sound is processed by the hearing aids it is amplified to the wearer's prescriptive hearing needs.

Amplification devices other than hearing aids may include:

  • Manufacturer specific wireless amplifiers: Great for those who want to boost sound from the television, radio or telephone.
  • Retrofit existing hearing aids for direct wireless connection: This offers a solution to those who may not have the latest hearing aid technology but still want to improve understanding from the television, radio or telephone.
  • Amplified Stethoscopes: Perfect for doctors, nurses and veterinarians.
  • Amplified Telephones: For those who only need a boost in understanding phone conversations.
  • Transcribing Telephones: These phones allow users to read a transcription of the conversation as it takes place.
  • Wireless headphones: These may work with or instead of hearing aids for the TV or radio.

Hearing Loss Prevention

  • Sound Cups: Typically for individuals who spend time shooting guns during target practice or while hunting.
  • Custom Ear Plugs: These are great for musicians.

These products are intended to protect your hearing and reduce the chance of needing hearing aids in the future. Whether you operate loud machinery or are a musician, preserving your sense of hearing while also preserving sound quality is of the utmost importance. As apposed to over the counter foam earplugs, custom earplugs reduce volume evenly allowing the wearer to continue hearing those important sounds clearly such as speech and musical instruments.

*Note: Custom earplugs are also recommended for the dental industry as studies have suggested that noise exposure from their high speed tools tend to cause hearing loss over time.

Patient Reviews

Very professional; the entire staff gets an “A+”. Very good at explaining my hearing problem, the various options to correct it, and taking extra time to do so.

It appears to me that it is very important to these people that the patient is completely comfortable & satisfied with the final result.

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