Our Philosophy

Columbia Hearing Center is a family owned and locally operated business.  With nearly 50 years of combined experience and access to every major manufacturer's technology, we are uniquely suited to approach our client's needs with a personal level of service and flexibility. We strive to find the best solution possible for their needs, whether it be by customizing a hearing instrument with our state of the art tools to offering affordable payment options tailored to their needs.

Flexible Products

Our goal is to ensure you will receive the hearing solution you need at a price you can afford.  We are an independent distributor which allows us to provide products from a variety of manufacturers.

Flexible Payments

We understand payment challenges and accept a variety of insurance providers in addition to our low/no financing options. View accepted insurance providers.

Flexible Repairs

Our experience and equipment allows us to repair roughly 80% of all hearing aids in our office, many completed in just 15 min.  Learn more about our repair services.

Flexible Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff goes out of their way to care for our clients. If you or a loved one have special needs please let us know.

Interested in what's new?

Visit our blog page! Here we share hearing related articles, new advances in technology and what's happening at Columbia Hearing Center.

Patient Reviews

I’ve been a farmer for many years of my life and because of operating machinery and being an avid hunter and enjoying shooting sports, I was suffering hearing loss. I tried some mail order aids but they weren’t satisfactory. I read an advertisement about Columbia Hearing Center that mentioned a certain hearing aid I was interested in. I called for an appointment and we stared the attempt to fit these new aids, but due to a unique sensuosity of my inner ear, as hard as we tried, we could not make them successful. Thanks to their determination and expert knowledge, Nathan and Jason recommended another style. After fitting and adjusting they fit very comfortably and I can hear better than I have for years.

Thank you Nathan, Jason and Katie for your courteous, capable, and friendly expertise we have at Columbia Hearing Center.

Karen S. – Edina, MO 63537

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